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Markus Will | Brunswick GE

Markus Will is a emerging photographer from Brunswick / Lower Saxony. Besides photography, Markus enjoys his job working at the Brunswick Fire Department.

Markus came to photography through a friend many years ago. The quality of his friend’s images captivated Markus, and he then decided to purchase a dslr for himself. After initial attempts to photograph everything, Markus was struck by the capabilities of the lens.

He built a sizable portfolio and uploaded some of his images to various online photo communities. See a variety of images, Markus soon also discovered HDR photography. He was immediately taken by this style. After many initial attempts with HDR, he self-taught himself a unique technique, and now at this point he can say that he has developed his own style.

He states: “For me, HDR photography is the best form to express. I can see with one eye while shooting.

Besides Emerging Photography Markus also takes his motives from Citytrips, Holidays and sometimes from Urban Exploring Trips through the industrial History of his Country.At this Sites you can catch a overview of his work...Enjoy your trip...

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